Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas has completely derailed the wedding planning. I haven't posted much in the last week because I haven't really done anything that is wedding related. I've been going back and for the the mall buying christmas presents, cleaning the house in anticipation of a xmas potluck I'm throwing and attending Christmas parties. It has been quite nice actually. I'll be nice a recharged by the end of December. And 10 lbs heavier, but whatever. I will either be ready and raring to go on the planning stuff, or I will be thinking, "Oh, my freaking God, there is only 5 months to W day!" One or the other.

I shouldn't say that I've done NOTHING wedding related. I've been stalking because I recently discovered the amazing array of jewelry they sell. I have fallen in love with this cuff bracelet:

At close to $75 dollars after exchange rate, taxes and shipping, it is a little pricey...but I know that I would wear it after the wedding. And if I'm willing to spend $30 on earrings that I won't get much wear out of...

We'll see.

And these shoes are making me reconsider my idea of wearing flats:
This is kind of a problem because I'm a huge clutz. This shoes is a serious falling hazard, but I don't care because it is just so pretty (and on sale!!)

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