Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bridesmaid dresses have FINALLY been decided

My to do list is located between the bermuda triangle and the pile of socks that my drier has eaten. So to actually find said list and cross something off of it is HUGE. For those of you that have read my past posts, you know that the bridesmaid dresses were a huge issue. I'm just so indecisive and a little unsure of my ability to know if two colors clash.
When I realized that the 6 months to the wedding mark was fast approaching, I decided to go to the store that I was getting my wedding dress and not leave until a decision had been made.

The decision: the girls could pick any dress they liked as long as it was floor lenth, satin dress from Impression. May I present the bridesmaid dresses:

My MOH is wearing the dress on the left. A little more sexy than most BM but I love it.
And my FSIL C is wearing the dress on the right. Also awesome.

My friend S is wearing it. Ladies, if you are worried about having a bit of a tummy you should check this dress out. S was 4 months pregnant when she tried the dress on and you couldn't even tell.

The color is very similar to the first picture. The picture is mocha and the color I chose was bronze. I have the lady at the bridal store to thank for this decision, because i couldn't tell whether it would go with the hunter green and brown kilts that the groomsmen are wearing. I admit that it was a little out of my comfort range, but I'm loving it.

The flowers are going to be yellow, white and green at least they were back when the ladies were going to be in brown. I have to go back to my florist and see what she thinks.

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