Sunday, November 16, 2008

The wedding isn't making me feel blah, just the planning of it

Lately I have been stressing out about the wedding a lot. We've got all the major things worked out, and now I feel like I'm drowning in the little details. There isn't one BIG thing that needs to be done, just a kindergarden class full of little things that are jumping up and down, waving their hands, saying 'pick me! Pick me!'
I'm feeling very overwhelmed and not very excited about the up coming wedding. And then I feel bad. I've told L that it isn't the getting married or being married that has me feeling blah, but the fuss and the rigmarrol that I'm not excited about. Its times like these that I think we should have just eloped.

I'm worried that we've planned a wedding that we can't afford, or can just barely afford. L starts school 7 months after the wedding, so money has been weighing heavily on my mind. I've been trying to save money, but that leads to us never going out and doing something. Maybe a romantic dinner date chez moi is in order. I work nights/evenings, so I rarely see the sun, so maybe thats why I feel so craptastic. And, as always, that b@#% PMS has been harrassing me. L was kind enough to make me laugh by singing PM&S to the YMCA song. The human race has put men on the moon. Why can't they figure out the cure for PMS?

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