Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rings and Germs

I'm back!! I'm sorry my little blog, that I've neglected you so!!

I've been working at one hospital 4 days/nights a week for the past couple months, and about a month ago I started training at another hospital 2 days a week. Working 6 days a week may not seem that bad for some people, but when you add in changing your sleep patterns from nights to days every 4 days, its a freaking disaster. I had to give up fun things like computers and blogging and concentrate on sleep and not being a grump monster. My training is done at my second hospital is done, so I'm here to stay.

We actually got some wedding things done dispite the hectic work schedule.

L picked out his ring and I'm kicking myself that we didn't take a picture of it. It was a hard decision bec L doesn't wear jewelry of any kind, so a lot of the chunkier rings irritated his hand. I really liked the one that he picked, and I can hardly wait until he wears it full time.

L works at a hospital, as well, and I'm not sure if he is going to wear it there. I don't wear my engagement ring, and I am fairly far removed from poop, pee, etc, but L is right in the thick of it. Eventually I would like to have a thin plain band that is just my work ring. This sounds silly and like I am just angling to get another ring, but technically you are not supposed to wear rings with stones or grooves in it at the hospital, and my engagement ring and wedding ring will have both. It is not just a stupid rule for the sake of rules. Germs collect around the grooves and stones and the idea of having a germy ring kind of grosses me out. Whenever i forget to take my engagement ring off before work I wear gloves all day, but then I am terrified of pulling my ring off when I pull of the gloves and throwing it out. I tried to design a ring that would fit with my engagement ring but still fall withing the hospital rules, but my engagement ring is quite full of stones and grooves:

I was unable to come up with something that would suffice, and there is no way I was going to stop wearing my engagement ring ever because I LOVE it. So we are designing a ring for me that is in the style of the engagement ring. And one day I hope to have a very simple ring that I can wear at work because I don't like the idea of wearing the ones that have stones, and I don't like the idea of neither of us wearing our wedding rings at work. I'm okay if my ring is a germ colony, as long as its my own (fairly harmless) germs.

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