Friday, November 14, 2008

Invitation Rebellion

Invitations are my next big thing that I am tackling. Everything that I have read says that guests should receive their invitations 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. I think that is insane. Or if you are a conspiracy theorist, just a ploy to make all us engaged folk send STD's and invitations. Here is a thought: just send your invitations earlier!!

Our wedding is on a budget. We are not renting a limo. Nor a videographyer. We are probably not having a cake. Why? Because these things do not matter to us. Why do something just because everyone else does it? Especially when our budget is as low as reasonably acheivable.
Save The Dates have likewise fallen to the wayside. We are pretty much inviting all of our family members, so my mom has been emailing and msn'ing away, so they know the date. Is this breaking some etiquette rule? I don't know. I hope not.

So I'm throwing tradition to the wind. My wedding is May 17, 2009. I hope to have my invitions ready to go out in the beginning of January, and will have the RSVP date as April 1st. This is 4 months too early but I can't see it being too much of a problem.
There is nothing I hate more than being late. It makes me very anxious, and dare I say, I little bitchy. So in efforts to keep my inner bridezilla firmly inside my brain and not rampaging out of my mouth, I am setting my wedding to do schedule early. That way if things don't go as planned, and they never do, Bridezilla won't even rattle her chains. Its like changing the time on your clock 15 minutes fast so that the 15 minutes you inevitably sleep in every morning isn't a problem.

We fell in love with some invites that we found on line, but are made right here in Winnipeg:

They are fun and cute and the perfect color. The price was reasonable too, something like $2.80 per invite. The owner of the company was so helpful and awesome in general. If we weren't trying to be on a budget, we would have gone with this design and company, hands down!

But then we found a bargain that we couldn't pass up. Invitations and RSVP card set with envelopes that cost $1 dollar per invite. They are cute, simple and totally within our budget. Please excuse the crappy pics - i couldn't get the lighting right. But it gives you the idea. These aren't in the same league as the polkadot ones, but the $1!

I just try and keep in mind that I am probably the only one that is going to remember the invites and that these still fall within the feel we want for the wedding : simple, cheerful and fun. Do I REALLY care about the invites, or am I being sucked into the wedding hype that everything must be mindblowingly awesome? 'Cause we can't afford mindblowing!

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