Friday, October 10, 2008

The Bane of my wedding existance 2

Another problem I am having with the bridesmaid dresses is the length. Before the wedding planning began I always said that I would have bridesmaid dresses that were cocktail length. Now I'm not so sure. I'm afraid that cocktail dresses with kilts will look funny.

Kilts can look manly. I'm am aware that a kilt is not a skirt. But won't it look like one if the ladies and the gents have fabric hanging to their knee? I'm probably over thinking things a little. Okay, a lot. Its just that its hard to find pictures of wedding parties that contain kilts so that I can get an idea of what it would look like. Most wedding kilt pictures have just the groomsmen.

I think we are going to go with floor length. Its the safe bet. Here is one dress that I came upon last night that I like:

I think it is quite elegant, and (I'm 90% sure) the color would go well with the hunter green/brown kilt. If you read my last blog, you'll remember that I was going to go with brown because it is the safe bet. I know, I know, I am the queen of indecisiveland.

Another reason why the bridesmaid dresses stress me out is that I want the girls to be happy with what they are wearing. The contenders for bridesmaid dresses are on the low end of the price scale, but I still feel bad asking them to buy a dress that they will only wear once. I'd hate to have them spend all that money and feel like crap. At the very least, they should feel like they are strutting their hotness.

My poor future sister in law C has gone bridesmaid shopping with me 4 times and I'm going to ask her to go again with me at least one more time. Thank you C!

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