Thursday, October 2, 2008

Registering is Hard Work

After 4 separate trips to the mall, L and I have actually registered for something. This involved a pep talk, a mini arguement, a nose bleed and some Orange Julius. L and I are the most indecisive couple ever. A discussion about something as mundane as dinner usually goes like this:
L: What do you want for dinner?

Me: I don't know. What do you feel like?

L: I don't know. A pork chops?

Me: I don't really feel like pork chops. Shake and bake?

L: Okay.

Me: But if you want pork chops, I guess we could have them.

L: Hmmmm.....

So choosing something like dishes and cutlery that we will be using FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES, we pretty much become catatonic with indecision. Hence the 4 previous trips to the mall.

The registry field trips make me want to buy furniture. We saw some beautiful furniture that puts our 1960's (seriously) yellow flower print couch to shame. And a gorgeous full length oval mirror on a wooden stand. We registered for it, but at $350 we felt guilty even putting it on there. The registry people told us to put stuff in all price ranges, right? Nope. Still feeling guilty.

The mirror is from EQ3, and is just lovely. It would also enable me to see what my outfit looks on me all at once, without having to go all the way down the hall to look at myself in the apartment hall mirror. (Its weird and awkward when your 70 year old neighbor catches you trying on your fancy shmancy cocktail dress and stillettos at 1 in the afternoon on a tuesday.

This bed set was also from EQ3. I'd paint my entire apartment yellow if I could, so the small bit of yellow is perfect. I still get my yellow, and L is happy that the entire bedspread isn't an eye watering gold.

L had a great time using the registry gun. I think that was his favorite part of the whole day.

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