Thursday, October 16, 2008

Old School Bling

I know that I complain a lot about the tartan thing, but there are some kinda cool things about the plaid invasion. L is an awesome guy and I want him to feel all special on his wedding day. Guys have it rough in this department, though. For us girls there are so many things that make us feel like our wedding day is like no other. We wear dresses that make us feel like princesses or femme fatales or supermodels. We accessorize with veils, pearls, earings, bracelets, tiaras and flashy shoes. We get glammed up with makeup and fancy updos.

Our guys? Most men I know WERE jazzed up about their suit. But everything else? Most of their ties and cufflinks were chosen to match the color scheme of the bridesmaids. There is no male version of the veil, pearls or tiara. Their shoes are actually kind of ugly, but that's okay as long as they are shiny. The worry about cutting themselves while shaving while we sit back and have someone else tend to our face. And most guys have pretty short hair, so their wedding hair is, well, short.

I shouldn't complain about this kilt business because it would be like L telling me that my wedding dress is ugly. If L told me that I couldn't wear the wedding dress I wanted because it was too long and interfered with the 'feel' he envisioned for the wedding, I'd tell him to stuff it. So here is me being supportive of my tartan loving L.

Here are the cool things about being a scotty groom:

1. The kilt pin - the most popular design is a pin that is shaped like a mini sword. There are some really nice designs out there (like the thistle-the manly man's flower) It adds a bit of flash and keeps the family from knowing the answer to the question you know they'll ask (what are you wearing under your kilt)

2. Clan Crest Cufflinks - a chance for him to have accessories that are fully his own-not a part of the bridal color pattern. Each clan comes with its own motto and crest. Some can even be incorporated into the wedding itself. L's clan's motto means 'without end' and I plan on telling him that not only do I take his name, I take it to heart because I beleive that our love is without end.

And just so that you don't die of lovey-dovey overload, I'll add that my clan motto is 'with a strong hand'. It makes us sound like we run around slapping people around (I assure you, this is not the case). His clan motto was the obvious choice.

3. The Sgian Dubh (pronounced skin do-remember that my info comes from a scotty enthusiast, not expert. )The sgian dubh is basically dagger that the groom carries in his sock. What guy can resist carrying a dagger around?

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