Monday, October 20, 2008

Nature Freaks disguised as City Slickers

I couldn't sleep last night. Like REALLY couldn't sleep. I work a mix of days and overnight shifts, so my sleeping pattern is usually pretty wacked. Its not unusual for me to get up at 4 pm, go to my parents and debate whether I'd like a can of coke or a cocktail like everyone else. Mmmm...coke for breakfast. Anyways, I was trying in vain to sleep because I worked in the morning, but I pretty much laid in bed for 4 hrs thinking about the wedding.

I thought some more about the bridesmaid dresses because I am still stuck on them. I even got up and checked out the Nordstrom's website, which had some pretty fantastic deals I must say. Not exactly practical for bridesmaid dresses because each dress was only available in a certain (mostly smaller) size, but if you are only having one lady standing up for you, check it out.

I also thought about the table numbers. I didn't really want to just have boring black numbers. I toyed with the idea of taking a picture of L and I using our bodies to make each number. To begin, I tried to touch my toes, yelped and fell over. This idea was entertained only briefly.

I wanted something that was meaningful to L and I, and could add decoration to the table. And I wanted it to be fun.
I think that we are going to name our tables after campgrounds that we have been to. L and I love to camp. We haven't done much of it lately because I've been in school, but as soon as our days off actually start to coincide, we're going to break out the hippie van and tent and motor off into the sunset. We've actually had some big moments and fun times together camping:
1.St Ambrose - we were on a day trip to the beach when L realized that he wanted to ask me to marry him

2. Tangle Creek - Its not really a camp ground or beach (or a creek for that matter) but we were on a camping trip when we saw this waterfall on the side of the highway. This is were L proposed. How romantic can you get, huh?

3.Riding Mountain National Park - we ended up camping in this very secluded, quiet campsite that was right on the lake. The only downside was the the lake had yucky leeches in it so I couldn't swim in it. Here is L manfully opening a can of soup. The grass ends and there is a 4 foot cliff, then the water.

4. Grand Beach - many a drunken work party was had at Grand Beach. Mayhem. Madness. Dancing in your underwear. Skinny dipping. Breakfast wine. Need I say more.

5. Steeprock - I used to camp there as a kid for months at a time. My family camped in a converted school bus, but the big kids on the block had a converted Greyhound bus. If I had to pick a favorite time and place it would be Steeprock circa 1990.

6. Duck Mountain Provincial Park - we camped there in the hippy van with sister in law C. We went hiking and walked around a beaver dam. It was kinda a trippy because the lake water was at eye level. Very cool.

7. White Hawk Lake - where we like to think we were almost eaten by bears, not our wild imaginations

We will put a couple of picture of us in these locations on the table car and a brief explanation of why it is one of our favorite nature places.

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