Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm vain about my hair. There I said it. If I coax it enough, I can make it look pretty nice, if I do say so myself. The flip side to that is that it can look pretty terrible. My hair is actually a lot like a two year old. If I pay enough attention to it, it will behave nicely. If I touch it fuss with it too much it become spoiled and will ran wildly about my head.

I have a stylist that I trust without a doubt. She has saved me from many a hair disaster:

1. It may not be obvious in this picture, but my hair is greeny. It was supposed to be a blondish color. I got it done the day before the wedding, and I was in denial about how bad it was until I stepped into the sun.

2. I can't even remember what prompted this orange disaster, but a disaster it was.

It was at this point that I came that I returned to my stylist. The only reason why I left was that I was in school and therefore broke. I turned to a cheaper hairdresser and then a box of dye. For those of you out there telling yourself that dying your hair can't be THAT hard, let me tell you, it is. Sure, I saved money with my box of dye initially, but then I had to pay my stylist to fix it.

I promised her I would never let another hairdresser touch my hair again. And she worked her magic:

Don't look at the scraggly ends (I need a trim) The color is perfect, no hint of green or orange in site.

I have pretty much chosen not to wear a veil. Not because I don't like them. I just would rather have awesome hair than an awesome veil. I plan to put some yellow orchids in my hair instead. I have to remind myself that less is sometimes more. Orchids and a veil and hairpins and a tiara would look a tad bit over done, don't you think? So after repeating 'less is more', 'less is more' I went with the flowers because what other day do you get to wear flowers in your hair? I guess the same could be said for the veil and the tiara, but the veil gets yanked on whenever people hug you and well, I'd feel silly even saying tiara. I tell L quite often that i'm not a princess. It may just be the word tiara that makes me feel silly because I saw this beautiful, ahem, head piece...

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